Crypt of the Everflame


Xose's Adventure Log 2

4th of Neth…still

So I tried to get people talking, no luck. I did the whole, “never have I ever” because who doesn’t like sharing some secrets around the campfire right? But then Gwar, or maybe it’s Gwaar or something, I’m starting to learn names but spellings, not so much. Whatever, I know who I’m talking about. So halfing runs off, upset. And then the other girl who’s name I know…Ari or something like that, goes after her. And when they get back Gwar is just like, “I can’t remember who I am.” As if I could possibly know that. So, there you go, foot in mouth.

I volunteered to take first watch, night vision and all, and it’s been a pretty quiet night so far so I thought I’d take a second to update-

I KILLED A WOLF! Ha! First kill by me. Not first kill total. Gwar killed these things on the road. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about that part. So we got attacked on the road. I was walking with Gwar, you know, making small talk (the entire time you’d think she’d have slipped in she couldn’t remember anything) and these ugly things show up out of nowhere. The fight was over pretty quickly. I actually didn’t get to do much…But Gwar made things heads explode so now I’m really like, “Ok, maybe I shouldn’t mess with you anymore.” And we shot some things, and hacked some things and killed them and they went away.

Then we camp for the night and we’re all sitting around and Gwar is telling us about how she can’t remember anything and that’s why she ran off, and this wolf shows up. Now I’m cool with wolves but ones that come that close to firelight are usually hungry and they might think a gnome would make a nice meal. Now, usually I don’t object when I’m considered tasty, but, you understand, different situation. So I was all ready to go get it, and I would have, but Gwar kind of beat me to it. She shot it and it ran off and I thought that would be it right.

But we just got attacked and it was AWESOME. I mean, I killed a wolf. And not the small hungry one neither, one of the big ones. It knocked me down and it got a good grip on my leg but then I stabbed it through the eye and it just like, keeled over. And maybe someone else might have shot it or something. I couldn’t really tell. I was in battle mode, total focus.

If we’re being honest, and no one else is going to see this so why not, I was a little scared. I mean, those jaws are no joke. I’ve seen crushed hip bones of deer, handy work of wolves. So I really thought my leg was just gonna come right off, but it didn’t. And I killed it, and now my leg hurts. But…Anduril, yeah that’s her name, she lent me a bit of her brandy so I’m like A.O.K. And someone else took watch so I’m gonna go to sleep now. I hope I don’t see any more of those colored lights things. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about that too but I will tomorrow. Man, this is so much better than being home.



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